Menu of Services

Developmental Editing

In-depth edits of not only grammar, but also content; I’ll assist with story development as well.

Price (determined upon inquiry, but starting at typically $250-300) includes two passes over your work.

Fiction/Short Stories

Developmental edits for Fiction and Short Stories are in-depth and comprehensive. I’ll work with you to assist with consistency throughout your novel, from plot to characters and more, in addition to working with the grammatical content of your manuscript.

Christian Nonfiction

As an editor with extensive experience with Christian nonfiction, I’ll work with your manuscript and check for scriptural accuracy, because speaking in truth is what matters.


Developmental edits for Nonfiction will be heavy on fact-checking and regular consultation with the author. Your voice will be heard, and with my edits, I’ll make sure your story will be told as authentically as possible.

Copy Editing

Designed for grammar edits, fact/accuracy checks, and inconsistency checks only; no major story or plot items are touched.

This is the most-requested service from authors I have worked with.

Price (determined upon inquiry, but typically starting at $200-$299) includes two passes over your work.

Fiction/Nonfiction/Short Stories

Got your plot and characters under control? Awesome! I’ll take a look at your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and layout only (as well as any fact-checking for nonfiction work).

Marketing Materials

With my experience in social media and email marketing, I’ll make sure that your advertising copy is eye-catching and customer-enticing.

Christian Nonfiction

Are you feeling fired up about the message you’re preaching? Excellent. I’ll take a look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, style guide adherence (just let me know which style guide) Scriptural references, and layout only.


The last bastion of edits for authors; I recommend this for when you’ve had one editor proof your work already.

Price (determined upon inquiry) includes one pass over your work.

All Fiction and Nonfiction

Need a pass over your work? Let’s do it. For Christian fiction edits, Scripture references will be checked.

Marketing Materials

This is a pass over your marketing work before it goes to print. I’ll check for grammar, any typos, and your layout.

Academic Editing

Heavy discounts for students of all kinds! I will not write your work for you, but instead help your work shine.

(Please review your school or university’s outside proofreading policy before inquiring and booking. Otherwise, please see my Academic Consulting service.)

Price determined upon inquiry.

College Admissions Package

College admissions are a big deal. I’ll help you craft the best admissions essay possible, and make sure that the college of you choice gets to know the real you. This is a developmental edit of your college admissions essay.

Bibliography Check

Bibliography edits can be a hassle, especially since they rely heavily on accuracy in structure. I can help! Just let me know what style guideline you are using (MLA, Chicago, etc.) and I’ll polish your works cited so it’s ready for your instructor. (This bears repeating: this is not me writing your bibliography for you.)

Academic Consulting

Sometimes, what you need for your work isn’t proofreading, but rather, somebody to bounce ideas off and see if your project makes sense from a writer’s perspective. I will read through your draft, point out things you might want to work on, and get you prepped for future revisions of your paper, essay, or final project.

Essay Proof Only

Feel good about your admissions essay or classwork? Great! I’ll proofread it for adherence to the style guideline of your choosing, down to your bibliography.

Creative Writing Projects

Need help with your Creative Writing class project? I’ve been where you are, and I can help you craft the best project you can. These edits are at the Copy Edit level, including critiques upon request.

Self-Publishing Consultancy

I will help you build your book! As a self-published author, I know what it takes to help you get your book out. Let’s share your story!

Please know that once your work is out there, any marketing is up to you. Consider this a jump-start.

Prices determined upon inquiry and amount of services needed.


Do you need a book blurb looked at? Do you want your novel to stand out on the shelf? Are you stuck on writing the text that goes on the back or inside cover? I want to help!

What’s included?

  • Developmental or copy edits of your work
  • Cover design
  • Layout for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Free Proof of your finished book
  • Publishing your work through Amazon KDP


  • Is your blurb already written? Editing your blurb is a flat fee of $50.
  • Do you need help writing your blurb? Writing and coaching on your blurb costs between $75-100 depending on how much is written already.

Let’s build something great together. Inquire for a free consultation, free sample edit, and pricing.