Savannah is so knowledgable about standard practices for editing and formatting. This helped a TON because I knew nothing about those subjects. Through the whole process, she readily answered my pestering questions and constantly went above and beyond. I will use her services again.

Jake Doberenz, copy editing and self-publishing consultancy client, author of Where to Submit Christian Writing

I just finished going through my editor’s comments on the first book of my series and, to state it succinctly, I was blown away. 

As a new author, I was sure I needed an editor, but I wasn’t sure which one. I put out a request for recommendations for an editor with YA experience and was immediately given the name of Savannah Cottrell. Her prices were in the range that I could afford and it looked like she had experience in the YA arena so I reached out to her and sent her the manuscript. I said earlier that I needed an editor. Let me rephrase that now, “Boy did I need an editor!” More specifically, “Boy, did I need Savannah Cottrell!” 

Savannah took the story that I had unceremoniously dumped on a page, and carefully corrected punctuation, restructured sentences, and added suggestions on places where additional paragraphs were needed to round out a scene or provide a greater level of detail.

She peppered her helpful comments with occasional encouraging comments, lest I get too depressed with all the red marks, I would imagine.

There were several times while going through her edits that I was almost brought to joyful tears with the realization, “Yes! She gets me!”

She really understood the story and helped me polish and enhance it. She did not rewrite it in her own image, but just gave me the guidance I needed to elevate it.

Once I received Savannah’s corrections and started going through each one, it did not take too long for me to realize that she was “my editor” and I immediately sent her the second book in the series to start working on.

To say that I was pleased with Savannah’s work as an editor and would recommend her would be an understatement so I will say with all honesty that that I was extremely pleased with her work and would highly recommend her for your editing needs!

Judy Koglin, developmental editing client, author of “The Guesthouse Girls” series

“I can see why you call your business ‘The Wonder Edits.’  Thank you for your work and the speedy turnaround.  I would recommend you to anyone.

John Wright, copy editing client

“I spent years writing my novel and putting my everything into it. I needed an editor as committed to my book as I was. Savannah was a God-send! She put my manuscript under a microscope—even included accents where they needed to be on Spanish words. Her comments and insight guided me along. If you’re looking for an editor, look no further! I will always be appreciative of her assistance.” 

Jean-Pierre Pentreath, Developmental Editing Client